The Overtaker 3D: Un juego alusinante.

Desed el Foro Movil Mania CZ nos llega este increible juego, espero que lo disfruten y pues le den las gracias a a Alejandro por enviarnos semante aporte. 😈

Emerge from the darkness to spread dread and dismay. A dark adventure in uncanny 3D world awaits you… Are you ready for this challenge?
In a forgotten corner of Europe a war machine of the Third Reich prepares technology supposed to divert the course of history. Become the Overtaker, emerging in the centre of mysterious events. Use his special skills to sneak in the dark, attack unexpectedly and use the strength of your enemies against them.
Combining dynamic action with smart tactics, player has to finish twelve challenging levels. Various weapons of destruction will help to defeat hordes of different enemies.
Overtaker is an unconventional FPS shooter set in the World War II background. This game brings new quality to mobile gaming – great graphics, 3D environment, loads of special effects and interactive objects… Dark, gloomy music emphasize the atmosphere of uncertainty and threat.
# Amazing 3D world
# Special effects and interactive objects
# 12 exciting missions
# Combination of dynamic action with tactics
# 6 types of enemies and various weapons
# Music emphasizing the atmosphere and place of game
# … and much more!


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